With attention to detail, we utilize only the best flagstone, limestone, granite, sandstone or slate to build beautiful walkways and stairs to navigate your property. We are also experts in professionally installing stone-lined flowerbeds, sidewalks of any material, patios, and outdoor fireplaces, fire pits. 

Retaining Walls & Drainage

We specialize in commercial style retaining walls for apartment complexes or office buildings, while also using the same attention to detail, careful design techniques to build residential level walls, barriers of varying kinds. In either the commercial or residential space, we are careful to create both a functional piece that allows for efficient , drainage or runoff, while also keeping in mind that any structure we build is required to have design elements that are desirable to look at.

Commercial,Residential Lawn Program

Nature’s Way has a Commercial Lawn/Land Program that will fit your needs and whether you are a Neighborhood Association, a Commercial Office Complex, or an Apartment Complex with ongoing needs. We will create a year-round program that best suits the needs of your entity and our team will keep your entrances, common areas looking amazing. These plans are customizable and our Management Team will meet each client so that their needs are known, then executed to perfection. With all of our Commercial plans, your designated representative will be invoiced digitally, notified of appointments via email or text, will be offered the option to pay online, as well as to prepay for a discount.

Our Residential Lawn Program is a great way to ensure that your grass is looking amazing all-year round and within the program there are varied options that include services such as aeriation of your soil, periodic fertilizing of your yard, as well as many other services. As with our Commercial services, you have options and so we will work with you to figure out what best suits your needs. With all of our Residential plans, you will be invoiced digitally, notified of appointments via email or text, will be offered the option to pay online, as well as to prepay for a discount.


Landscape Design and Maintenance

Our design team works with cutting-edge technology so as to create a visual picture of your commercial or residential design plan. We will work with you to make the final design what best suits the needs of your business or home. Once designed, we will execute the finalized plan and then will assist you in maintaining your project for years to come.

 Zero-Scapes or Hard-Scapes

If you prefer for your business or home not have a great deal of maintenance, upkeep, we can use our experience planning, executing zero-scape/hard-scape projects to create an installation that best suits your needs. We typically blend various types, sized of rock, with gravel or crushed granite for the hard-scape portion of the project, then we help you decide on different low-maintenance accent plants that suit our dry, humid climate and this combination creates an awesome look that has minimal upkeep cost.

Fencing & Gates

The Nature’s Way fencing team is second-to-none and we have vast levels of experience building wooden privacy fences, metal barrier fences and also walls of all differing materials. As with the other services that we provide, we take the same guiding principles, processes, procedures to build fences, install gates of any size and whether it be around or within a large commercial property, or a single-family home.


At Nature’s Way, we understand that having a reliable irrigation system is vital to the sustainability of many of the projects that we complete, so we take great pride in knowing that our Irrigation team is second-to-none when it comes to both the installation of a new system, as well as maintenance of a product that we put in place. Our team will design a system that best suits your needs, then we will use both best practices and best equipment to create an irrigation layout that is the most reliable, efficient for your specific situation. We provide a one-year warranty on the labor for all of our irrigation systems, but we also offer an extended warranty that includes a maintenance plan which extends beyond the one-year.